Railyard Course #3


The RAILYARD CONDITIONING OBSTACLE COURSE is a portable, lightweight, modular obstacle course where kids and adults have fun exercising. Set it up in any available space, store it away when finished, or transport it from location to location - the Railyard is the most versatile equipment you can own. The Course can be used in one continuous layout, or assembled into workstations for large groups or classes. 

Course #3 Includes: 9 each 18-inch Platforms , 2 each 9-inch Platforms, 11 Platform Caps, and 6 Rails with pads on round side. Recommended space: 300 sq. ft.

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  • The Railyard is lightweight and can be set up and taken down quickly and stored in very little space. (Have the class set up the Course as a teamwork challenge)
  • The Railyard is modular, add components at any time to meet your needs
  • The Railyard is durable; you'll find Railyards in commercial installations worldwide that are used daily for the past 7 years with no maintenance or repairs. (We offer a 1 year parts and labor warranty)
  • The Railyard will accommodate all populations; the Rails will hold up to 600 pounds.
  • The Railyard is versatile, set up your Course in dozens of layouts keeping it interesting and fun for you, your students and clients of all ages and abilities.
  • The Railyard is cost effective; you will get more from your Railyard than you will from any other exercise equipment on the market. (A $3000.00 treadmill can be used by 1 person, a $3000.00 Railyard can be used by 10 people simultaneously)
  • Your Railyard will increase revenue, the fun and functional factor will increase sales and the results will keep members engaged.

WARRANTY: 1 Year parks and labor warranty.

LEAD TIME: Our standard lead time for all non-stock items is 8-10 weeks. In-stock items ship within 3-5 business days. Please call 408-569-9504 or email info@parkourfactory.com for the most up-to-date lead time, product availability, special requests or expedited shipping options. 

WARNING: SKILL CUSHIONS ARE NOT TOYS. Any activity involving motion, height, or rotation may cause serious injury. This product is intended for use by properly-informed participants under the supervision of qualified trained professionals. Always consult an instructor before use, and check for proper mat positioning before activity. Always know your physical limitations, and the limits of the equipment. Always avoid head and/or neck landings. Do not use this product if defects in cover or foam are evident.

CA RESIDENTS: California Proposition 65 Warning


 We train patterns, not parts. Movement on the Railyard replicates the wide array of natural movements caused by our environment are all brought to being through patterns, not by parts. The parts of the body and the structure of the body submit themselves to the will of the pattern. Patterns that exploit opportunities to deal with force result in stronger parts. Patterns that rely on quick reaction time create parts that respond in an instant. Patterns that create flexibility yield parts that are extensible. In all of the situations that are real in life, we develop better patterns, and the parts respond.

Exercise and movement on the Railyard is easy to learn and easy to teach, We include an 50-plus page instruction book for adults or for kids with each Course (Download for free here)